Juss og militærmakt

For tida har avdeling for militærmakt to prosjekter med tema jus og miltærmakt.

Military necessity and the principle of proportionality

  • Sigrid Redse Johansen jobber med et PhD prosjekt frem til 2014. Avhandlingen skrives på engelsk med følgende tittel: "Military necessity and the principle of proportionality: examining the function of a military margin of appreciation".

The thesis focus on “military necessity”, which underpins the entire International Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). Appraisal of military necessity is done by the military commander in the field, and may be described as a function of the "military margin of appreciation." The purpose of the thesis is to analyse the process of appraisal of necessity. Furthermore; to examine to what extent the vital interests of States in wartime outweigh humanitarian considerations.

Hostile Act or Hostile Intent under NATO ROE

  • Camilla G. Cooper jobber med et PhD prosjekt frem til 2016: Avhandlingen skrives på engelsk, med foreløpig tittel:

“What is the legal base for use of force by Norwegian soldiers in reaction to Hostile Act or Hostile Intent under NATO ROE? The relevance and application of Norwegian self-defence to international operations and its interplay with the Law of Armed Conflict”.

I tillegg, og som del av prosjektet, har Cooper følgende artikkel til peer-review:

  • Cooper, Camilla G., "Rules of engagement demystified: A study of the history, development and use of ROEs" (in progress)

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