Air Power Conference

The Norwegian Air Force Academy in Trondheim will host the Chief of Staff of the Norwegian Air Force's annual Air Power Conference. As is customary, the conference will take place in the first week of February, this year from the 6th to the 8th of February.

The conference has become one of the most prominent military conferences in Scandinavia. The overall objectives are to examine the use of military force in a larger security and defence policy context, and to create a forum in which to discuss air power and the Norwegian Air Force's role within this framework. We aim to focus on contemporary issues relevant to Norwegian security policy, the Armed Forces and the future Air Force. The conference sets out to be a broad and open-minded forum where conceptual issues of security and foreign policy, the application of military power, and the use of air power are discussed.

Multi-Domain Battle is the new US Army/US Marine Corps conceptual approach to the use of force (joint doctrine). While the United States has focused on COIN in Afghanistan and Iraq, China and Russia have built their military capacities and conceptual application of these. «Anti Access/Area Denial» (A2/AD) in the South China Sea and Russian Hybrid Warfare are examples of this.  The Multi-Domain Battle doctrine is based on the recognition that Russia and China are challenging the United States in some domains, and it provides answers to how the United States should face these challenges.  The United States best move involves integrating all domains – hence the name Multi Domain Battle. This means rethinking methods of operation and how to build force structures. It also becomes clear that this means that we have to exploit the Cyber and Space domains far more than we are doing today. The question for Norway and the Norwegian Air Force is therefore not whether or not this will affect us, but rather how it will effect us?

The preliminary title of the 2018 Airpower Conference is therefore: "Airpower in Future Joint Operations – a Multi-Domain Battle?".

On the first day of the Air Force Seminar, we attempt to provide an overview of the key trends and developments affecting the political dynamics today. The main purpose is to examine the basis for the development of Multi Domain Battle.

On the second day of the seminar, we will discuss the concept of Multi Domain Battle itself. MDB will be concretized and problematized, as well as placed within an overall military-historical framework. We will pay particular attention to the cyber domain.

On the third, and final, day of the seminar will examine Multi Domain Battle from a Norwegian joint operational perspective. We will challenge the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, Cyber, Space and the Joint Headquarters with regards to their expectations to and professional perspectives on Multi Domain Battle.

The aim this year is to inform, discuss and debate the concept of Multi-Domain Battle. We seek to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of this concept, and to what extent this concept might assist the Norwegian Armed Forces in utilizing its resources (including the F-35 JSF) in the best way possible in the years to come.

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