Allers, Masala&Tamnes (eds.): Common or Divided Security?

Where is Europe heading? Euro-Atlantic security issues from a German and Norwegian point of view.

Title: Common or Divided Security? German and Norwegian Perspectives on Euro-Atlantic Security
Editors: Robin Allers, Carlo Masala and Rolf Tamnes
Publisher: Peter Lang
Published: 2014
Number of pages: 322
Hardcover ISBN 978-3-631-64627-4
eBook ISBN 978-3-653-03995-5

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War, Euro-Atlantic security is under pressure. Faced with major geopolitical shifts, instability at its frontiers and financial crisis at home, the European nations and their American Allies will have to rethink how to design common security. 

Failure to animate the European Union (EU) and to reinvigorate the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) as efficient tools for peace and security might lead the West back to the spectre of divided security, to fragmentation and renationalisation.

This book addresses the main challenges to Western security from the perspective of two European Allies: Germany and Norway.


  • Helga Haftendorn: Germany’s Return to the Global Stage: Continuity and Change in German Security Policy
  • Rolf Tamnes: Norwegian Foreign and Security Policy: From the Arctic Frontier to the Afghan Battlefield 
  • Michael Paul: Closing Pandora’s Box: Germany, Nuclear Weapons, and Another New START
  • Kirstin Hemmer Mørkestøl: Cyber: Buzzword or Game Changer? How the Digital Space Affects National and International Security
  • Geir Flikke: An Arctic Home? The Arctic Policies of Norway and Russia 
  • Annegret Bendiek: Challenges to the Rule of Law: EU-US Counter-Terrorism Cooperation 
  • Alister Miskimmon: Becoming a Responsible Leader? Germany and EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy 
  • Pernille Rieker: Active Participation Despite Limited Influence: Explaining Norway’s Participation in EU’s Security Policy 
  • Patrick Keller: Germany’s New Role in NATO: Status Quo as Strategy 
  • Paal Sigurd Hilde/Helene Forsland Widerberg: Norway and NATO: The Art of Balancing 
  • Sven Bernhard Gareis: The Bundeswehr in the Post-Cold War International Environment
  • Lene Ekhaugen/Ida Maria Oma: Norwegian Lead in Afghanistan: A Small State Approach to a Large Commitment
  • Håkon Lunde Saxi: So Similar, Yet so Different: Explaining Divergence in Nordic Defence Policies 
  • Robin Allers/Rolf Tamnes: Just Do It: Bilateral and Minilateral Cooperation to Invigorate European Security.

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