Basit et al. (eds.) (2014): India Grand Strategy

This book is a must-read for those who want to learn about India's strategic thought – past and present.
Title: India’s Grand Strategy. History, Theory, Cases.

Editors: Kanti Bajpai, Saira Basit, V. Krishnappa
Publisher: Routledge India
Series: War and International Politics in South Asia
Number of pages: 596
ISBN 978-0-415-73965-8

As India prepares to take its place in shaping the course of an ‘Asian century’, there are increasing debates about its ‘grand strategy’ and its role in a future world order.

This timely and topical book presents a range of historical and contemporary interpretations and case studies on the theme. Drawing upon rich and diverse narratives that have informed India’s strategic discourse, security and foreign policy, it charts a new agenda for strategic thinking on postcolonial India from a non-Western perspective.

Comprehensive and insightful, the work will prove indispensable to those in defence and strategic studies, foreign policy, political science, and modern Indian history.


  • Arvind Gupta and Sven G. Holtsmark: Foreword
  • Swarna Rajagopalan: ‘Grand Strategic Thought’ in the Ramayana and Mahabharata
  • Jayashree Vivekanandan:Strategy, Legitimacy and the Imperium: Framing the Mughal Strategic Discourse 
  • Srinath Raghavan:Liberal Thought and Colonial Military Institutions 
  • Kanti Bajpai: Indian Grand Strategy. Six Schools of Thought
  • S. Kalyanaraman:Nehru’s Advocacy of Internationalism and Indian Foreign Policy 
  • N.S. Sisodia: Economic Modernisation and the Growing Influence of Neoliberalism in India’s Strategic Thought
  • Bharat Karnad: An Elephant with a Small ‘Footprint’. The Realist Roots of India’s Strategic Thought and Policies
  • Rahul Sagar: ‘Jiski Lathi, Uski Bhains’. The Hindu Nationalist View of International Politics
  • Siddharth Mallavarapu: Securing India. Gandhian Intuitions
  • Ali Ahmed: Indian Strategic Culture. The Pakistan Dimension
  • Tanvi Madan: China, in Three Avatars
  • Rudra Chaudhuri: Aberrant Conversationalists. India and the United States Since 1947
  • Shanthie Mariet D’Souza: India, Afghanistan and the ‘End Game’?
  • Sarang Shidore: Collateral Damage. Iran in a Reconfigured Indian Grand Strategy?
  • Nicolas Blarel: Redefining India’s Grand Strategy? The Evolving Nature of India’s Israel Policy
  • Constantino Xavier: The Institutional Origins and Determinants of India’s Africa Policy


A must-read for those interested in new thinking in the world's most complex and challenged great power.

— Stephen Philip Cohen

An up-to-date, serious and thoughtful treatment of a very vital subject for all who care about India.

— Meghnad Desai

Bajpai, Basit and Krishnappa map a terrain that has been barely explored. There is no better introduction to understanding India's grand strategy.

— C. Raja Mohan

A decisive refutation of the thesis that India lacks — or has not reflected on — grand strategy. No scholar of Indian national security can afford not to engage [with] it.

— Ashley J. Tellis

A valuable introduction to an emerging literature on how India views its [economic] rise and what it means for the world.

— Sanjaya Baru

The present publication has been certainly timely, coming at a time when the new regime in Delhi has started negotiating with the push and pull factors of foreign policy. It should find a place both in public and private shelves.

Suranjan Das
The Hindu, 11 August 2014

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