Adamsky: Strategic Culture

DSS 1/2008
American Strategic Culture and US Revolution in Military Affairs
Dima Adamsky takes a closer look at the culture of defense communities, and asks how the US military analyzes the changing security environment.

​Defence and Security Studies no. 1/2008
Title: American Strategic Culture and US Revolution in Military Affairs
Author: Dima P. Adamsky 
Pages: 85

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The ability to diagnose and understand revolutions in military affairs is one of the most critical aspects of defense management. Why do certain military communities have more aptitude than others to recognize discontinuities in the nature of warfare? By elaborating on the cultural approach to international relations, this issue of Defence and Security Studies will provide a plausible explanation for this intriguing problem. In describing the US transformation in the perception of warfare, Dima Adamsky asks why the cultivation of the technological seeds of the American RMA preceded the maturation of the conceptual ones, and why it took the US defense community close to a decade to acknowledge the accuracy of the assumptions of the Soviet military technical revolution (MTR).

monograph aims to improve the scholarly understanding of the way in which professional communities organize their thoughts and actions when analyzing the changing character of international security. 

Dr. Dima P. Adamsky is a research fellow at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University (City of New York) and at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (Oslo). He worked on his PhD dissertation, “The Impact of Cultural Factors on Military Innovations: Comparing the Revolution in Military Affairs in the USSR, the US and Israel”, at the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, Harvard University and at the School of Political Sciences, University of Haifa. 

He has published articles in The Journal of Strategic Studies, Intelligence and National Security, and The Journal of Cold War History, and has contributed chapters to edited volumes and encyclopedias on modern military and international history. His book, Operation Kavkaz (Ma’arahot Publishers, 2006), earned the prize for the best academic work on Israeli security in 2006 and is forthcoming in an English edition in the Harvard Cold War Books Series.

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