Monaghan: EU-Russia Relations

DSS 2/2007
In the second issue of Defence and Security Studies, DrAndrew Monaghan takes a look at 15 years of EU-Russia relationship.

Defence and Security Studies no. 2/2007
EU-Russia Relations: "Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better"
Dr Andrew Monaghan
Pages: 58

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The EU-Russia relationship is one of strategic importance. Yet it is also one which faces many complex and challenging questions, ranging from developing a common approach against terrorism and organised crime and the unresolved conflicts in Caucasia, to deteriorating confidence in their energy relations. Andrew Monaghan traces the relationship back through the 1990s to explain the difficulties in this strategic relationship, but also to point out the positive elements which are all too often overlooked.

The study argues that the security dimension – broadly defined to include both more traditional military security and “soft security” – of the EU-Russia relationship is becoming increasingly important. The relationship is of strategic significance for both sides, and some important progress has been made in establishing a closer bureaucratic relationship. There is, however, a tension between this progress and a series of differences on key political issues, including energy security and crisis management. Moreover, despite some improvements, there are problems in the decision-making structures on both sides that hinder the development of a positive practical relationship.

Dr Andrew Monaghan is founder and Director of the Russia Research Network, an independent organisation for the generation of information and expertise on Russian politics, economics and security issues. He is also a Research Advisor to the Academic Research Branch of the NATO Defence College Research Branch in Rome, and Senior Research Associate at the Conflict Studies Research Centre, the UK Ministry of Defence’s think tank based at the Defence Academy of the UK. Previously, he held positions as Visiting Lecturer at the Defence Studies Department of King’s College, London, the civilian academic arm of the Joint Services Command and Staff College at the Defence Academy of Great Britain, and as a Teaching Associate at the Department of War Studies, King’s College, London.

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