Mayer: US grand strategy and Central Asia

DSS 2/2008
Merging geopolitics and ideology. IFS researcher Michael Mayer provides a highly current analysis of US security policy in a vital region ​

​Defence and Security Studies no. 2/2008
US grand strategy and Central Asia. Merging geopolitics and ideology.
Michael Mayer
Pages: 143

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Current US grand strategy is one of global primacy – hindering the rise of regional powers and securing strategic access to vital regions and resources, while continuing to address transnational threats. Increasingly, the geopolitical aspects of US strategy have become intertwined with ideological interests. Central Asia provides a perfect case study of how the interplay between these two elements creates both synergies and conflicts. In this wide-ranging study, Michael Mayer combines statements of US strategy with implemented policies to create a comprehensive picture of US grand strategy. This method reveals surprising consistency and coordination among the various US security actors involved in the military, political and economic aspects of US policy. The study provides insight into the challenges facing US grand strategy as well as the likelihood of strategic adjustments with the transition to the Obama administration.

Michael Mayer (1973) is a doctoral fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies. He holds degrees from Virginia Tech University (BA, Political Science) and the University of Oslo (MA, Political Science). In his doctoral research, Mayer examines the strategic implications of US ballistic missile defense.​

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