Iversen: Evangelical US foreign policy

DSS 4/2007
Foreign Policy in God's Name. Evangelical influence on US policy towards Sudan.
Ivar A. Iversen takes a closer look into the Evangelical influence on US policy towards Sudan.​​

​​​Defence and Security Studies no. 4/2007
Title: Foreign Policy in God's Name. Evangelical influence on US policy towards Sudan.
Author: Ivar A. Iversen 
Pages: 78​

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For a period of 21 years, Sudan has experienced a bloody civil war between the North and South, a battle fought without much attention being paid by the Western world. In 2001 a fundamental change in U.S. policy towards Sudan suddenly occurred, and the Sudan case was given a higher priority on the U.S. foreign policy agenda. In addition, U.S. pressure was vital to secure a peace deal in 2005. Behind the turn of events was a well-organized grassroots movement which drew together a number of American, religious conservative groups. How did they accomplish their mission? And will they be able to do it again? Ivar A. Iversen has written a fascinating study of the complex political system of the world’s superpower, and of how an important U.S. domestic group can influence war and peace on the other side of the globe. 

Ivar A. Iversen (1977) has a Masters in political science from the University of Oslo and Freie Universität Berlin, and a degree in journalism from the Oslo University College. Since 2001, he has worked as a diplomatic correspondent for the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, where he focuses on U.S. politics.

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