Depledge: Arctic Security and the United Kingdom

IFS Insights 3/2013
Duncan Depledge asks how the UK can participate effectively in the emerging Arctic security architecture.

​​ IFS Insights no. 3, October 2013
Title: Arctic security and the United Kingdom
Author: Duncan Depledge
Number of pages: 9

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Over the past decade, rapid and profound change in the Arctic has been accompanied by a sense of global unease about the future of the region.

This Insight provides a short overview of the role the United Kingdom (UK), as the Arctic’s ‘closest neighbour’ – and increasingly close partner of Norway – might be expected to play in the security architecture of the Arctic. Specifically, the focus is on challenges relating to the changing environment, emerging economic opportunities and geopolitical shifts among Arctic stakeholders. 

Depledge argues that the UK could address two factors in particular, those of credibility and presence, in order to participate effectively in the emerging Arctic security architecture. 

The author
Duncan Depledge is currently working on a PhD project on emerging UK Arctic policy at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is also a research analyst on the Environmental Change and Security Programme at the Royal United Services Institute in the United Kingdom.​

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