Petersen: Denmark and NATO 1949-1987

FS 2/1987
In this paper two interrelated themes are pursued. One bears upon Denmark's basic relationship to the Atlantic Alliance and her role in it; the other one concerns the specific interrelationship of Danish policies in three· «games», the alliance game, the adversary game and
the domestic game.

​​Forsvarsstudier no. 2/1987
Title: Denmark and NATO 1949-1987
Author: Nikolaj Petersen
Pages: 48

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Has a fundamental change taken place in Danish security policy in the course of the 1980’s? That may be the case according to the author, who is analysing various Danish foreign policy “games” in the post-war period: the foreign policy, the relationship to the Russians and the domestic influence on foreign policy. Until around 1980 it was still possible to classify Denmark as a loyal NATO ally. This has changed, according to Nikolaj Petersen, mainly because of domestic considerations in the wake of the breakdown of the traditional consensus coalition in the early 198Os.

Nikolaj Petersen, b. 1938. Professor of international relations, Institute of Political Science, University of Aarhus: co-chairman, Danish Commission on Security and Disarmament Affairs; deputy chairman, Danish Institute of International Studies; co-editor Dansk Udenrikspolitisk Årbog 1982 ff; monographs and articles on Danish foreign and defence policy-making, comparative foreign policy and international security affairs.

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