Kolstø: An Appeal to the People

FS 3/1988
Glasnost - Aims and Means
​​Forsvarsstudier nr. 3/1988
Title: An Appeal to the People. Glasnost - Aims and Means.
Pål Kolstø

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Of the different slogans in Gorbachev's reform package, glasnost is the one pertaining to the restructuring of the Soviet political culture. this monograph shows that glasnost was included in the political programme of the Russian Slavophiles in the last century in an attempt to mobilise the masses in support of the regime and curb the power of the self, serving bureaucracy. Gorbachev's idea of glasnost in many ways resembles the idea of the Slavophiles. He too need glasnost in order to gather information about society and strengthen the central state power.To reach this goal, hecan employ a wide range of tools: the electoral sysem, opinion polls and mass media. He may also deliberately foster public opinion and allow free demonstrations and independent political organisations. The monograph analyses to what extent these tools have actually been employed by the Soviet Leaders and discusses to what degree it is possible to use them without undermining the socialist state order.

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