Martinsen: One Size Fits All? Multinationality and the Smaller Partner​​​​​

​FS 3/2004
This study is about multinationality and defence. Defence is here understood as covering both the armed forces and the defence industry that produces their equipment. Multinationality refers to two or more countries pooling their resources, often to achieve what would have been beyond the reach of one of them.
​​Forsvarsstudier no. 3/2004
Title: One Size Fits All? Multinationality and the Smaller Partner
Author: Kåre Dahl Martinsen
Pages: 171

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After the end of the Cold War, multinational solutions play a growing role within NATO. Rising costs of equipment combined with reductions in troop numbers have forced member states to pool their resources. Development and procurement of new equipment, as well as the integration of military units from two or more countries are being implemented. If successful, multinational solutions may prove instrumental in redressing the transatlantic imbalance in military capacities. Whereas the political and economic benefits easily detectable, multinational solutions mean increased dependence on others. The scope for autonomous decision-making is reduced. Smaller countries will be more affected by this than their larger partners. Exactly how is discussed here with particular emphasis on the challenges confronting Norway.

Kåre Dahl Martinsen is a Senior Research Associate at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.

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