Blidberg:​ Just good friends

FS 5/1987
Nordic Social Democracy and Security Policy 1945-50 ​
​Forsvarsstudier nr. 5/1987

Title: Just good friends. Nordic Social Democracy and Security Policy 1945-50.
Author: Kersti Blidberg
Pages: 77

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The result of the Scandinavian defence negotiations of 1948-49 was to a large extent predetermined. There was a little chance of finding solutions acceptable to all because of the complicated cooperation relationships between the Scandinavian countries and their widely differing security policies. The failure of the negotiations may therefore be explained primarily by previously developed patterns and experiences. In addition to having used Norwegian sources Dr Blidberg is the first researcher who has had access to and uset material from this period from the archives of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from the Defence Staff.

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