Holtsmark: Between "russophobia" and "bridge-building"

​FS 5/1988
The Norwegian Government and the Soviet Union 1940-1945​
​​Forsvarsstudier nr. 5/1988
Title: Between "russophobia" and "bridge-building". The Norwegian Government and the Soviet Union 1940-1945
Sven G. Holtsmark

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Strong elements of traditional Scandinavian "russophobia" continued to influence the evolution of Norwegian-Soviet relations during the second world war,  even when the Norwegian government graduall​y redirected its official foreign policy doctrine from strong commitments to North Atlantic military  cooperation towards a doctrine of "bridge-building" might be expected to have influenced Norway's relations with the Soviet Union. one of the aims of this study is to give a general presentation of Norwegian-Soviet relations during the war. On this background the study further examines how the redirectioning of Norway's foreign policy line made itself felt in the various fields of Norwegian-Soviet relations. The study tends to emphasize the continued presence of a skeptical attitude towards the Soviet Union in Norwegian government circles. This factor made itself felt when the two countries set out to lay the foundations of war-time cooperation, and also influenced Norwegian long-term foreign policy and security planning.

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