Apitz: Convoys

​FS 5/1991
Outdated by Technology​
​​Forsvarsstudier no. 5/1991

Title: Convoys - Outdated by Technology
Author: Peter Apitz
Pages: 43

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Based on the good record of the two World Wars the impact of convoying on the operations of the main opponent to shipping, the U-boat, is discussed and leads to three conclusions in favour of convoys from the lessons of the two World Wars: 1. the U-boats had more difficulties in finding targets due to the concentration of shipping; 2. the limited weapon load of the U-boat favouredlarger convoys; and 3. the effectiveness of convoy escorts sinking submarines was much greater than in other types of ASW actions.Furthermore, the author focusses on major significant technological developments of the post-war era, and their influence on the conduct of future convoy operations is assessed.

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