Mastny​: Reassuring NATO

FS 5/1997
Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Western Alliance

​Forsvarsstudier no. 5/1997
Title: Reassuring NATO. Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Western Alliance
Author: Vojtech Mastny
Pages: 105

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Against the background of the changing Russian and East European attitudes toward NATO before and since the end of the Cold War. This Study examines the origins of the alliance's enlargement and the implications for its cohesin and ability to act. The author recommends suspending the enlargement after the admission of Poland, the best qualified candidate.

Vojtech Mastny has been professor of history and international relations at Columbia University, University of Illinois, U.S. Naval War College, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. The author of several books about the Cold War, most recently The Cold War and Soviet Insecurity. The Stalin Years (1996), he is member of the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut in Essen, Germany. He lives in Washington and Essen.

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