Holtsmark​: Soviet attitudes to Nordic cooperation, 1920-1955

FS 6/1992
Enemy springboard or benevolent buffer?

​Forsvarsstudier no. 6/1992
Title: Enemy springboard or benevolent buffer? Soviet attitudes to Nordic cooperation, 1920-1955
Author: Sven G. Holtsmark
Pages: 91

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It is often assumed that the Soviet Union consistentlt opposde Nordic military cooperation from the early 1920s to the mid- 1950s. 

This study argues that the Soviet position was much more complex and fluid, partly due to the existence of conflicting traditions withing the Soviet foreign policy establishment. While a negative attitude predominated Soviet policy, an alternative approach took a positive stand towards Nordic cooperation. The alternative approach was based on a more optimistic view of the smaller states' ability and will to act independently on the international scene. 

The present study is based on Soviet sources and documents, including materials from the archives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the former Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Sven G. Holtsmark is a senior fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.

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