Martinsen: German Red-Green Foreign and Security Policy

FS 6/2005
This study provides an analysis of German foreign and security policy under the Red-Green government. Particular attention is paid to the redrawing of German security policy, transatlantic relations, the relationships with Poland and France.
​Forsvarsstudier no. 6/2005
Title: Alleingang. German Red-Green Foreign and Security Policy
Author: Kåre Dahl Martinsen
Pages: 176

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When Gerhard Schröder was elected Chancellor in 1998, he underlined that German foreign and security policy would not change. When he left office in 2005, the traditional emphasis on close relat​ions with the US had been broken, Poland no longer looked upon Germany as a close ally, and the country was no longer the engine of European integration. Instead, Germany had developed close links with Russia, and aligned itself with France. At the same time, Germany acquired a more active international security policy role. Defence reforms were initiated to provide for a growing number of foreign deployments for the Bundeswehr.  

Kåre Dahl Martinsen Ph.D., Roskilde Universitet, 2000 with a M.Litt. from the Institute of Soviet and East European Studies, University of Glasgow, 1988. His most recent publications are “The End of the Affair? Germany’s Relationship with France”, German Politics, no. 4 (December 2005) and SIZE MATTERS. Multinationality and the smaller partner, Forsvarsstudier, no. 3 (2004).
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