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Report: Navies, coast guards, the maritime community and international stability

Academics and experts from RSIS, Singapore, and the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Oslo, have explored maritime stability in a hybrid maritime environment. Download and read the report.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The maritime security environment in East Asia is a policy priority for private and state actors in the region and beyond.  Competing visions of how stability at sea should be achieved and what the 'status quo' is creating instability at sea.  Increasingly, coast guards and other law enforcement agencies are at forefront of both protecting and contesting maritime sovereignty and claims.

This joint RSIS-IFS policy brief, with contributions from international experts, examines how the littoral states of East Asia are balancing the roles and capabilities of their naval and coast guards forces. Further, it determines how maritime stability will be impacted and maintained in this hybrid maritime environment.

Editors: Ian Bowers and Collin Koh


Setting the scene

  • Liu Qing: The Maritime Environment in the Western Pacific
  • Tør Ivar Strømmen: The Battle that Never Was: Northern Waters during the Cold War
  • James Goldrick: The Maritime Industries as Stakeholders?
  • Richard A. Bitzinger: Southeast Asia's Naval Shipbuilding Industry: The Challenges Ahead
  • Geoffrey Till: Small Navies and International Stability: Challenges for Small Navies
  • Ian Bowers: What are Small Navies for? The Case of Deterrence in East Asia

The Navy-Coast Guard Nexus

  • James Goldrick: Coast Guard-Navy Jointness as a Response to Hybrid Threats
  • Liu Lin: The Case of China
  • Fumio Ota: The Relationship between the Japan Coast Guard and the Maritime Self Defense Force
  • Sukjoon Yoon: Establishing a Cooperative Partnership between the ROKN and the Korea Coast Guard
  • Vu Truong Minh Huy: The Vietnam Coast Guard
  • Dzirhan Mahadzir: The Malaysia Case Study  
  • Collin Koh: Singapore. Whole-of-Government Approach to Maritime Security
  • Muhamad Arif: Inward-Looking and Expanding Bakamla: The Indonesian Case of Navy-Coastguard Nexus
  • Jo Gade: The Norwegian Coast Guard – Security Policy Contribution during the Cold War, 1945–1990
  • Zhang Hongzhou: Maritime Militia and Fishing Conflicts in the South China Sea
  • Jean-Rene Degans: French State Action at Sea

​Stability and Cooperation

  • Sam Bateman: The Concept of an Oceans Policy
  • Ian Bowers: Escalation Management and Clashes at Sea
  • Jo Inge Bekkevold: Coast Guard Cooperation as a Confidence Building Measure: A Tool for Stability in Southeast Asia?
  • Andreas Østhagen: Arctic Coast Guard Cooperation: Room for Manoeuvre?

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