Russia's adaptation to the changing character of war

This project examines the current intellectual debates in Russia on what is seen as shifting ways and means to achieve objectives of war. It addresses a number of important questions that the evolving Russian understanding and approach raise: How does it influence the conceptual evolution of Russia's security policy? What is the impact on the physical transformation of the armed forces? And how does it affect the distribution of power within the overall structure of Russian security and defence policy making?

Selected publications by Katarzyna Zysk (for full overview go to staff page)

  • 2017. "Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons in Russia’s Evolving Military Doctrine". Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 73 (5): 322–327.
  • 2016. "Maritime Security and International Order at Sea in the Arctic". I International Order at Sea. How it is challenged. How it is maintained, redigert av Geoffrey Till og Jo Inge Bekkevold, 141–174. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2015. "Managing Military Change in Russia". I Security, Strategy and Military change in the 21st Century: Cross-Regional Perspectives, s. 155–177. Routledge.
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