Pharo: Necessary, not perfect

IFS Info 1/2000
NATO's war in Kosovo  ​​
IFS Info no. 1/2000
Title: Necessary, not perfect: NATO's war in Kosovo
Author: Per Fr. I. Pharo
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Necessary, not perfect.
What were the essential characteristics of the situation NATO was facing in Kosovo? And what is a fair evaluation of NATO’s actions? NATO’s war in Kosovo has been the subject of harsh critics and denunciation. In this study Per Fr. I. Pharo questions the critics’ point of departure in evaluating NATO’s actions. He argues that a realistic policy evaluation should focus on the practical dilemmas from which the policy originated. 

In the case of NATO’s war over Kosovo, Pharo argues that such an approach reflects the fact that there was no viable alternative to NATO’s general course of action. Not acting was not an option; the question was when, how and under which authority.

Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo: Cand. philol., thesis in the history of US foreign policy, University of Oslo 1997; Bachelor of Arts, Government and International Affairs major, Augustana College, Sioux Falls SD, 1994. Currently employed as a research fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies to co-author the last volume (1970-2000) of the five-volume project The History of Norwegian Defence.
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