Pharo​​: ​New knowledge structures or just common ground?

IFS Info 1/2003
Breakthroughs in intenational negotiations
​​IFS Info no. 1/2003

Title: New knowledge structures or just common ground? Breakthroughs in international negotiations
Author: Per Fr. I. Pharo
Pages: 21

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Why do breakthroughs in international negotiations happen; and why at a given time? This study evaluates the explanatory power of two theoretical approaches regarding the agreement between Soviet Premier N. Krushchev and US President J. F. Kennedy on the Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT) in 1963. How can this agreement best be explained? Was the agreement facilitated by the emergence of new knowledge structures, as the cognitive mapping approach argues? Or is a more nuanced interpretation of the Test Ban negotiations necessary to explain why the LTBT was reached?

Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo is Director of the Section for defence policy and planning in the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. He holds a degree in history from the University of Oslo on a dissertation on US test ban policy 1958-1963. Pharo’s publications include «A Precondition for Peace: Transparency and the Test-Ban Negotiations, 1958-1963», The International History Review, vol. XXII, no 3, September 2000; «Norge på Balkan 1990-1999-Lessons Learned», IFS Info 3/2000; «Mellom Pest og Kolera: NATO og Kosovo-krisen», Internasjonal politikk 1/2000; and «Necessary, Not Perfect: NATOs War in Kosovo», IFS Info 1/2000.

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