Schäfer: Stasi Files and GDR

​IFS Info 2/2002
Espionage Against the West
​​IFS Info no. 2/2002
Title: Stasi Files and GDR Espionage Against the West
Bernd Schäfer

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Espionage Against the West
Stasi espionage was directed against military policies and abilities, armament research and production, and western policies against the socialist countries. How successful was the Stasi espionage? Bernd Schäfer gives us an exiting insight in the Stasi espionage network.

Dr. Bernd Schäfer was bom in Kaiserslautern in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1962. During the 1980s, he studied History, Catholic Theology and Political Science at the Universities of Tübingen, Germany and Vienna, Austria. From 1989 to 1991 he was John M. McCloy Fellow at Harvard University, were he obtained a Masters of Public Administration degree in 1991. Following to years as dissertation fellow at the German National Merit Foundation, he became in 1993 a fellow at the Commision of East German Catholic Episcopate, working on GDR and the Catholic Church. In 1997 he defended his Ph. D. thesis “State and Catholic Church in the GDR 1945-1989” at the Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle. From 1998 to 2001 he was a fellow at the Hannah Arendt Institute for Research on Totalitarianism. Since then, he has worked on “American Triangular Diplomay, 1969-1976” at the German Historical Institute, Washington DC. This paper is based on a lecture Dr. Schäfer gave at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies in February 2002.

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