Lynch: ​Post-Imperial Peacekeeping

IFS Info 2/2003
Russia in the CIS
​​IFS Info no. 2/2003
Title: Post-Imperial Peacekeeping. Russia in the CIS
Dov Lynch
: 21

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Russia in the CIS
In the period since 1992 Russia has become a major peacekeeper, and contributed with both traditional inter-position and coercive peace support in a number of conflicts outside its borders. Still Russian peacekeeping has been understudied compared to peacekeeping activities of other states. In this study Dov Lynch explores Russian peacekeeping operations. He asks what the Russian operations look like and how the operations have evolved over the last decade. Are they comparable to international peacekeeping operations? And what role do Russian operations play in promoting or obstructing conflict resolution in the former Soviet Union?

Dr Dov Lynch is Research Fellow at the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris. He has a doctorate in international relations from the University of Oxford. Dr Lynch was Lecturer in War Studies at King’s College, London, from 1999 to 2002, and University Lecturer in International Relations/Russian foreign policy at the University of Oxford in 1999 as well as Research Fellow at St Antony’s College and Chatham House.

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