Farer: Shaping Agendas in Civil Wars

IFS Info 3/1999
Can international criminal law help? ​​
IFS Info no. 3/1999
Title: Shaping Agendas in Civil Wars. Can international criminal law help?
Author: Tom Farer
Pages:  21​

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The universalisation of human rights has built a normative order to protect the weak from submission, expulsion or extermination within a country. Enforcement as a vehicle to affect the behaviour of delinquent forces, however, is a far more demanding task. Over a decade states, organisations and coalitions have been threatening or employing military and economic sanctions against brutal governments and factions. This study examines another enforcement vehicle; criminal punishment of those guilty of crimes against their own peoples. Though this might be an admirable initiative, it is not a flawless one. Tom Farer describes, analyses and identifies the obstacles to, and anticipates the consequences of, this initiative.

Tom Farer is Professor and Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver. This paper was originally prepared for presentation at the Conference on Economic Agendas in Civil Wars held in London 27-28 April 1999.
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