Baev: Russia in 2015

IFS Info 3/2002
Could the Former Supe-Power Turn into a Battle-Ground? ​
​IFS Info no. 3/2002
Title: Russia in 2015. Could the Former Supe-Power Turn into a Battle-Ground?
Author: Pavel K. Baev

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Could the Former Super-Power Turn into a Battle-Ground?

Pavel K. Baev describes a Russia that appears as both politically stable and economically dynamic, compared to a world in crisis and recession. But will it continue that way also in the future? Baev points out the weaknesses in the present situation and discusses several scenarios for the Russian future.

Dr. Pavel Baev was born in Vladivostock, USSR in 1957. He graduated from the Geographic Faculty of the Moscow State University with an MA in political geography in 1979, and worked in a military research institute until 1988, when he received his Ph. D. in international relations, and started working at the then newly established Institute of Europe. In 1992 he moved to Norway and started working at the International Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO. From 1995 to mid-2001 he combined research at PRIO with editing the quarterly journal Security Dialogue, and from 2000 Baev has been the leader of the Foreign and Security Policy programme at PRIO. Dr. Baev has published widely on issues concerning Russia and the former USSR, ranging from ethnic conflicts to geopolitics and from the Caspian borders to the Kursk tragedy. He has wide international networks and has participated in many international conferences on issues such as Russian military thinking, secessionism in Europe, and the Chechen conflicts, and been a frequent participant in the Norwegian public debat.

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