Kidd & Mitchell: European Defence Challenges

IFS Info 4/2000
This study examines three aspects of current challenges of the European defence.
​IFS Info no. 4/2000
Title: European Defence Challenges
Authors: Joanna Kidd & Phillip Mitchell
Pages: 18

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This study examines three aspects of current challenges of the European defence. Firstly, Joanna Kidd argues that the end of the Cold War has placed new demands on the navies. She points out the European navies’ strengths and weaknesses, and question whether matters in EU navies will improve. In the second article Phillip Mitchell asks if it is necessary, or even possible, to have a genuine and independent European defence and security capability, and discusses the capability gap between Europe and the United states. Lastly, Kidd examines the current trends of decline in the Russian navies. She asks if this decline has reached a plateau with Vladimir Putin, and examines the new strategic naval doctrine under his presidency.

Joanna Kidd is the naval analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) with responsibilities for all maritime matters including naval organisations, weapons and warships. Having obtained a degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics, Ms Kidd completed fine sea-going years with the Royal Navy. Her final appointment was as a navigating officer aboard HMS Illustrious.

Phillip Mitchell is the Land Forces analyst within the Information Department of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, whose primary responsibility is compiling The Military Balance. He completed a full military career with the British Army during the period 1960-1982, with service in Malaya, Borneo, British Guyana, Aden, Northern Ireland and Germany.
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