Håkenstad & Larsen: Long-term defence planning

Oslo Files 5/2012
Magnus Håkenstad and Kristian Knus Larsen compare systems for long-term defence planning in Europe. Are they compatible?

Oslo Files on Defence and Security 5/2012
Title: Long-term defence planning. A comparative study of seven countries
Authors: Magnus Håkenstad and Kristian Knus Larsen
Number of pages: 104​

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Long-term defence planning deals with the shaping of policy regarding the future development of armed forces. Recently, initiatives have been taken to improve coordination in this field across European states. This raises the important question if long-term defence planning is suitable for collaboration. The study compares the long-term defence planning systems in the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Long-term defence planning is conducted in very different ways in all the seven countries. There is a variety in who initiates, controls, and contributes to the long-term planning processes, as well as in how the planning is carried out. Moreover, there is reason to believe that these differences are connected to the constitutional traditions and long-established public management practices of each country. In an era where increased international cooperation seems necessary, knowledge of the different systems seems more called for than ever.

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