Terjesen & Tunsjø: The rise of naval powers in Asia and Europe's decline

Oslo Files 6/2012
This edited volume examines the new geopolitical landscape of the 21st century, emphasising the role of the great powers
and the importance of sea power in shaping international politics.

​Oslo Files on Defence and Security 6/2012
Title: The rise of naval powers in Asia and Europe's decline
Editors: Bjørn Terjesen and Øystein Tunsjø
Number of pages: 126 

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For the first time in modern history Asian states are spending more on defence than their European counterparts. The sea power ambitions of leading land powers such as China, Russia and India stand as a challenge to US naval supremacy in the region. The old European great powers are becoming marginalised in an increasingly Asia-centred world.

The Norwegian Seapower Symposia
The working papers presented here were initially read at the second Norwegian Seapower Symposium. It was held at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy in Bergen in August 2011, and chaired by Rear Admiral Bernt Grimstvedt, Chief of the Royal Norwegian Navy. The aim of the Seapower Symposia is to engage with naval issues and developments of importance, while identifying and analysing their potential implications for small modern navies in general and the Norwegian Navy in particular.

Chapters and contributors

Karl Rommetveit and Bjørn Terjesen

A global survey of naval trends: The British approach 
Geoffrey Till

Naval developments in China 
Bernard D. Cole

China’s military modernisationand East Asian security  
Robert S. Ross

Naval developments in Japan  
Yoji Koda

Naval developments in India and multilateral cooperation  
Vijay Sakhuja

The challenge of understandingthe Russian Navy
Mikhail Tsypkin

Maritime developments in Asia: Implications for Norway
Øystein Tunsjø

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