Bekkevold and Lo: Sino-Russian relations in the 21st century

This book examines how recent fundamental changes influence Sino-Russian relations and the wider long-term implications of the revolving Sino-Russian dynamic on international affairs. It brings together leading scholars to examine recent developments across the whole relationship – from grand strategy and global governance, to bilateral energy and military ties, and regional interaction in Central Asia, Northeast Asia, and the Middle East. The Sino-Russian relationship boasts major achievements, but also reveals important differences and latent tensions.

The project is intended for policy-makers, academics and students of strategic studies, diplomacy studies, Chinese politics, Russian politics and foreign policy. Chapters by FHS authors:

  • Allers, Robin M. Whom to Call? In Search of a European Policy on Russia and China.
  • Bekkevold, Jo Inge. Conclusion: Sino-Russian Relations in the 21st Century and China, Russia and the Great Power Contest in the Middle East.
  • Grønning, Bjørn. The Japan–China–Russia Triangle and Security in North East Asia.
  • Røseth, Tom and Christopher Hsiung. The Arctic Dimension in Sino-Russian Relations.


Palgrave Macmillan. 2019. ISBN: 978-3-319-92515-8

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