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Hsiung: Missile defense and early warning missile attack system cooperation: Enhancing the Sino-Russian defense partnership

Russia is offering China assistance to develop an early warning missile attack system. How will this benefit China's military capabilities? Are there any plans between the two states to develop a joint missile defense system? This IFS Insight takes a look at these questions while also pondering over whether China and Russia are moving toward a military alliance.    


  • Russia is offering China assistance to develop its own early warning missile attack system. This marks a new area of strategic cooperation between the two states and markedly upgrades the potential for China’s strategic defense capabilities.
  • It remains unclear what the exact nature and future trajectory of the early warning system initiative and Sino-Russian missile defense cooperation more broadly will be.
  • China and Russia are unlikely to construct an integrated missile defense system akin to what the US has with several of its allies.
  • Despite Western (recurring) concerns of a China-Russia military alliance in the making, there are several obstacles for this to happen. Nonetheless, the early warning system initiative attests to closer Sino-Russian defense cooperation, including in more strategic fields and sensitive technologies. The West should follow these developments closely.
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