Riste (1999): Norwegian Intelligence Service

This is a history of the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) during the Cold War, based on its secret archives.

Title: The Norwegian Intelligence Service 1945–1970
Author: Olav Riste
Publisher: London/Portland, OR:Frank Cass Publishers
Published: 1999
Number of pages: 315
ISBN 071464455-2

The author presents detailed descriptions of the build-up of a network of Norwegian signals intelligence stations in the north; border crossings by clandestine agents; the reporting of Norwegian merchant mariners from ports behind the Iron Curtain; the intimate co-operation between the NIS and the secret services of the United States and other countries; as well as the establishment of a "stay behind" network.

The work describes a service that grew from a handful of specialists in 1946 to a multi-faceted organization with a personnel of about 1000 by the end of the 1960s. The author's assessment is that the NIS was "perhaps Norway's most significant contribution to the the strength and security of the Western alliance in this crucial period of postwar history".



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