Stenslie (2011): Regime Stability in Saudi Arabia

Stig Stenslie examines the structure of political power amongst elites inside Saudi Arabia and how they might cope with the very serious challenge posed by succession.​​​​​​​​​​​​
Title: ​Regime Stability in Saudi Arabia. The Challenge of Succession
​Author: Stig Stenslie
Publisher: Routledge/Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics
Publication date: N
ovember 2011
Number of pages: 168
Presenting a new and refreshing theoretical approach that links elite integration with regime stability, the author shows that the kingdom’s royal elite is far more integrated than it has generally been given credit for.

Based on extensive field work inside Saudi Arabia, the book offers a detailed, up-to-date survey and assessment of all the key sectors of the elites in the country. The author examines how the succession process has been used in highly different circumstances - including deposition, assassination, and death by old age - and demonstrates how regime stability in Saudi Arabia rests on the royal family’s ability to unite and to solve the challenge of succession. He offers a strong analysis of intra-ruling family mechanisms and dynamics in this notoriously private royal family, and addresses the question of whether, as the number of royals rapidly grows, the elite is able to remain integrated.

Providing a rare insight into the issues facing the royal family and ruling elite in Saudi Arabia, this book will be of great interest to scholars and students of Middle Eastern politics, and Saudi Arabia in particular.

Stig Stenslie (b.1975) has for a decade worked as a political analyst at the Norwegian Defence Establishment, where he in the past three years has been responsible for establishing and supervising the analysis work on Asia.

Stenslie is trained in political science with specialisation in Middle Eastern politics – educated from the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of London, and the University of Oslo. He holds adr.philos. in political science from the latter institution, where he also lectures in Middle Eastern studies.


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