Research grants

The Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies’ offers grants to young researchers and others with particular qualifications. Application closing dates: 15 May and 15 November
The Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies offers research grants to young researchers and others with particular qualifications who are working on a major research project, such as a PhD, at a Norwegian or foreign university. The grant is not meant to cover all expenses, but to supplement funding from other sources.

The research grant is awarded for up to twelve months, but may be extended on application to a total grant period of three years. The grant may vary according to the research fellow’s needs, but is currently set at NOK 7,000 per month. The grant is taxable.

Research fellows will be expected to stay in close contact with their appointed academic contact at the institute. In return for the grant, the research fellow shall submit a manuscript to IFS for possible publication in the institute’s online series IFS Insights. It can be in the form of a summary of the research or, after consultation, a secondary product of the main research. 

Research fellows will also be required to undertake academic work at the institute to a limited degree.

The decision of the application panel will be made known one month after the closing date. No reasons will be given for the decision to offer or not to offer a grant. Application papers will not be returned.

If you have further questions, you can get in touch with the institute by telephone, +47 23 09 59 00, or e-mail

What do you need to include in your application?

Send us a short application with the following information:
- name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address
- current place of study, name of advisor, planned start and thesis delivery

The application must include:
- a project description (1-3 pages)
- attested certificate(s) and grade transcript(s) from college/university

Email the application to

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