Military developments in Asia

​In the study of strategic culture and military strategic thinking, doctrinal development and military transformation processes, we place particular emphasis on China and India. 

International operations make up an important subsidiary theme. Asian countries are increasingly involved in international operations, especially UN operations. India has a long tradition of contributing to international missions. Japan is likely to increase its involvement in the years ahead, and even China is beginning to stand out with its participation in international actions. 

​It is important in this respect as well to monitor regional organisations – the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is one such – and military operations authorised in their name.

Research proje​​​cts

India and strategic thinking
India and strategic thinking is a co-operation project between IFS and the Institute for Defence and Strategic Analysis (IDSA) in New Delhi on strategic thinking. An edited volume based on the international conference on India’s Grand Strategy at IFS in 2010 waspublished by Routledge, India
in 2014. Johan Skog Jensen, former research fellow at IFS, has written a monograph on the India–China 1962 War as part of the project. A conference on Managing Military Change in Asia and Europe was organised in Oslo in December 2013.

The project is financed by the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi.
Jo Inge Bekkevold/Ian Bowers/Saira Basit​​​

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