Civil-military relations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Researchers of civil-military relations study the evolving relationship between the military, society and politics, and the ways in which armed forces have adapted to contemporary challenges.

There is particular emphasis on the development of Norway’s armed forces in a broad international perspective. Researchers explore this complex field from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

Methodologically, the Centre draws on international disciplines such as military sociology and the “war and society” approach to military history.

The Centre also hosts a multidisciplinary research programme focusing on strategic challenges associated with nuclear weapons.

 Books and reports about civil-military relations



Norheim-Martinsen & Nyhamar (eds.): International Military Operations in the 21st Century<img alt="" src="/media/PubImages/Norheim-Martinsen_Intops21century_orig.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Norheim-Martinsen & Nyhamar (eds.): International Military Operations in the 21st CenturyInternational Military Operations in the 21st Century (2015).

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Bogen, OlavBogen, Olav
Ekhaugen, LeneEkhaugen, Lene
Falck, Vidar Falck, Vidar
Gjelsten, RoaldGjelsten, Roald
Gustavsen, ElinGustavsen, Elin
Haaland, Torunn LaugenHaaland, Torunn Laugen
Hakenstad, MagnusHakenstad, Magnus
Henriksen, KjetilHenriksen, Kjetil
Hobson, RolfHobson, Rolf
Holtsmark, Sven G.Holtsmark, Sven G.
Melien, Tor JorgenMelien, Tor Jorgen
Mobech-Hanssen, BjørnMobech-Hanssen, Bjørnørn
Rongved, Gjermund ForfangRongved, Gjermund Forfang
Saxi, Hakon LundeSaxi, Hakon Lunde
Slatten, Martin LauSlatten, Martin Lauåtten_martin_lau
Sookermany, Anders McD. Sookermany, Anders McD.
Sorlie, SigurdSorlie, Sigurd

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