Military operations

I​​ncreasing involvement in international operations has brought about major changes in the structure and mentality of the Armed Forces.

The military profession is evolving, as are the preconditions for society’s support of the Armed Forces, and of Norway’s role in the North Atlantic defence cooperation. 

The Centre focuses its research on the operational and organisational lessons that can be learned from participating in international operations.

​Researc​h projects

Potentials and limitations for a “comprehensive approach” in international operations
This PhD project sets out to give an account and analyses of how the theory of “comprehensive approach” to the conflict in Afghanistan has been translated into Norwegian concepts. The project will investigate how the model was conceived of and implemented among for instance practitioners in Afghanistan. Moreover, it will assess to what extent there is a correspondence between the theory and practice. The project is funded by the Ministry of Defence.
Contact: Lene Ekhaugen

Experiential learning in Afghanistan
The project explores formal and informal procedures aimed at facilitating experiential learning in operations in Afghanistan. The project examines experiential learning in terms of substance, and asks how culture and self-understanding in the Armed Forces influence which lessons are drawn from experiences made in Afghanistan. The project will also be looking at the role of experiential learning with regard to the development of Norwegian policy, doctrines and operational patterns in Afghanistan.
Contact: Torunn Laugen Haaland

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