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Russian Security and Defence Programme

The Russia programme at IFS studies Russian security and defence.

Russia’s development affects Norway’s security environment, and has implications for Norwegian security and defence policy. The aim of the Russia programme is to advance knowledge on Russian security and defence through high quality research and public engagement. The programme studies the formation, implementation and tools of Russian security and defence policy. The programme also looks at wider implications and consequences of Russia’s development for global security, and for Norway.

Thematic areas of research:

  • Russia as an international security actor
  • Russian security and defence policy
  • Russian military strategy
  • Russia's influence on security and defence in the High North and Arctic
  • The Russian economy and energy industries in a security perspective
  • Domestic political and societal development as an element in Russian security and defence policy

Programme researchers:

 Programme activities



Power and elites in Russia: How to run an authoritarian state.<img alt="" src="/media/PubImages/Power_and_Elites_kollasj3_internett.png" width="400" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Power and elites in Russia: How to run an authoritarian state.On 8 March NDUC/Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies presented its Russia Programme. http://forsvaret.no/hogskolene/Arrangementer/power-and-elites-in-russia

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