The Russian state and Russian energy companies, 1992—2018

In this book, Ingerid Opdahl analyses relations between Russian energy companies, Russia’s foreign policy, and the development of the Russian state.

The book is published by Routledge. Russia's foreign policy towards the 14 other post-Soviet states is a central topic in the book. State–business relations are analysed in five case chapters:

  • RAO UES/Inter RAO (electricity)
  • Rosatom and its subsidiaries (nuclear energy industry)
  • Transneft (crude oil and product pipelines)
  • Lukoil (oil)
  • Gazprom (gas)

The book shows how energy companies' roles in foreign policy depended on their roles in Russia's political economy, where they supported state policies and economic development in different ways.

The main topic is the development of state–company relations from 1992 to 2018. The book discusses Russia's institutional development, and argues that the Russian political economy influenced also bilateral relations, and Russian foreign policy, in the post-Soviet region.

The book's publication completes the project «The Russian state and Russian energy companies abroad in the post-Soviet period», which aimed to improve our understanding of Russian foreign policy, state–business relations and the Russian political economy. The project built on Ingerid Opdahl's PhD project, and the book is an updated and significantly expanded version of her PhD dissertation from 2015.

For more information, please go to the book's Routledge page

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