Security and Defence in Northern Europe (SNE)

The core topic of the research programme Security and Defence in Northern Europe (SNE) is security and defence cooperation in the region.

The security situation in Northern Europe has in recent years become more challenging and unpredictable. Traditional and unconventional threats combined with increased pressure on national defence budgets make cooperation among allies, partners and neighbours increasingly important. 

Closer cooperation through bilateral agreements and in the framework of multilateral institutions and regional groupings contributes to strengthen national and collective defence capabilities. However, multinational cooperation also poses a range of challenges, from the practical to the political, and raises dilemmas with regard to national sovereignty and allied cohesion.

SNE is a multi-year research programme (April 2013–December 2018) that explores drivers, opportunities and constraints for security and defence cooperation in Northern Europe. Its main purpose is to contribute insights on developments in security and cooperation patterns in the region, through research projects, collaboration with international partners and seminars.  

Current thematic priorities 

  1. Security and defence cooperation on NATO's northern maritime flank.
  2. Strategies of and approaches to deterrence and collective defence.

Participants and partners

From IFS

International programme partners in the period 2017–2018 are: 

 Programme funding: Norwegian Ministry of Defence

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