Security in Northern Europe (SNE)

The research programme Security in Northern Europe (SNE) scrutinizes security and defence related aspects of importance to Northern Europe.  

Security in Northern Europe (SNE) is a perennial research programme (2019-2021), that explores drivers, opportunities and constraints related to the security of Northern Europe.

The programme analyses security- and defence cooperation, with a particular focus on NATO, as well as various forms of regional cooperation. In addition, the programme focuses on non-conventional challenges, the relation between deterrence- and reassurance measures, as well as the strategic implication of technological development.

Through research projects, collaboration with international partners, conferences and seminars, the purpose is to provide insight into the dynamic development of the security situation and cooperative patterns in the region.

Participants and partners


SNE-affiliated researchers at IFS:

International programme partners: 

 Programme funding: The Norwegian Ministry of Defence

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