Allers, Robin
DepartmentCentre for security policy
PositionSenior Fellow [on externally funded project]
​​​​(b. 1970) Dr. Phil. (PhD) in history from University of Hamburg (2007). Student at Institut d’études politiques de Paris (1995–96); intern and project assistant at the National Security Archive, Washington, DC and at the Institut historique allemand de Paris (1997/98); magister artium (MA) in History from University of Hamburg (1999); PhD student at University of Hamburg (2000–07); DAAD-scholar affiliated with ARENA – Centre for European Studies (2001–02); part-time lecturer in European and international history at the University of Oslo (2007–09); research fellow and project coordinator at the Forum for Contemporary History, University of Oslo (2008–09). Senior research fellow at IFS since 2009.

Robin Allers is part of the research programme Security and Defence in Northern Europe (SNE) where he focuses on Norway's bilateral relations with key European allies like Germany. He teaches German and European security policy, EU history and EU as an international actor.

Fields of interest

  • Germany, German foreign and security policy
  • EU foreign and security policy
  • NATO-EU relations
  • Norwegian foreign and security policy
  • international history, international relations
  • contemporary history


  • Allers, Robin M., Carlo Masala and Rolf Tamnes, eds. 2014. Common or Divided Security? German and Norwegian Perspectives on Euro-Atlantic Security. Peter Lang Publishing Group.
  • Allers, Robin M. 2013. "Tysklands bidrag til internasjonal krisehåndtering". Report, Institutt for forsvarsstudier.
  • Allers, Robin M. 2009. Besondere Beziehungen. Deutschland, Norwegen und Europa in der Ära Brandt (1966-1974). Verlag J.H.W. Dietz Nachf.

Parts of books/reports

  • Allers, Robin M. 2019. "Whom to Call? In Search of a European Policy on Russia and China". In Sino-Russian Relations in the 21st Century, edited by Jo Inge Bekkevold and Bobo Lo, 267–295. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Allers, Robin M. and Paal Sigurd Hilde. 2018. "Der Ostseeraum im Spannungsfeld geostrategischer Interessen". In Baltikum, edited by Bernd Lemke, 253–261. Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh.
  • Allers, Robin M. 2017. "Modern deterrence? NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence on the eastern flank". In NATO and Collective Defence in the 21st Century: An Assessment of the Warsaw Summit, edited by Karsten Friis, 23–32. Routledge.
  • Tamnes, Rolf and Robin M. Allers. 2014. "Just Do It: Bilateral and Minilateral Cooperation to Invigorate European Security". In Common or Divided Security? German and Norwegian Perspectives on Euro-Atlantic Security, edited by Robin M. Allers, Carlo Masala and Rolf Tamnes. Peter Lang Publishing Group.
  • Allers, Robin M. 2011. "L'élargissement difficile. Willy Brandt et les négociations d'adhésion des pays scandinaves avec la Communauté européenne, 1966-1973". In Willy Brandt et l'unité de l'Europe, edited by Andreas Wilkens and Einhart Lorenz, 283–309. Peter Lang Publishing Group.
  • Allers, Robin Marc. 2010. "Die schwierige Erweiterung: Willy Brandt und die Verhandlungen der EG mit den skandinavischen Ländern 1966-1973". In Wir sind auf dem richtigen Weg: Willy Brandt und die europäische Einigung, edited by Andreas Wilkens. Verlag J.H.W. Dietz Nachf.
  • Allers, Robin M. 2009. "Alternatives to Membership or Temporary Solutions? The German Proposal for a Commercial Arrangement and the EEC's Attitude towards Nordek (1967-1970)". In Between Nordic Ideology, Economic Interests and Political Reality. New Perspectives on Nordek, edited by Jan Hecker-Stampehl, 169–187. Helsinki: The Finnish Society of Science and Letters.
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Peer-reviewed articles

Non-refereed articles

  • Allers, Robin M. 2014. "Special Summit Series: Germany and NATO". NATOSource .
  • Allers, Robin M. 2010. Nasjonale interesser og fellesinteresser i Norges forbindelser med Vest-Europa. Fortid 7 (2): 23–28.
  • Allers, Robin M. 2010. "Voksen nasjon" eller "usikker makt" - Tysk sikkerhetspolitikk 20 år etter gjenforeningen. Norsk Militært Tidsskrift 180 (5-6): 4–8.
  • Allers, Robin Marc. 2010. Norsk-tysk samarbeid i nord? Norges Forsvar (2): 8–10.
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