Bakken, Havard
DepartmentCentre for security policy
PositionSenior Fellow [on externally funded project]
Phone+47 23 09 59 63

​​​​​​​​​(f. 1983) PhD in Russian Area Studies,University of Oslo (UiO), 2014. MA in European and American Studies (Russia) from the same university, 2009. Bækken has been working as a research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and as guest researcher at the Norwegian University Centre in St.Petersburg and the EU-Russia Centre in Brussels. He has been teaching Russian politics and history at the Institute of Literature, Area-Studies, and European Languages (ILOS) at UiO, and Russian language at Nansen Academy. Currently, Håvard Bækken is doing research on the security implications of resurgent state patriotism in Russia.

 Fields of interest

  • Russian politics
  • authoritarianism
  • informal politics
  • state ideology and militarism
  • war commemoration


  • Bækken, Håvard. 2019. Law and Power in Russia. Making Sense of Quasi-legal Practices. Routledge.
  • Bækken, Håvard. 2014. Selective Law Enforcement in Russian Politics 2007-2011. Legal Action for Extra-Legal Purposes. Doctoral dissertation, Universitetet i Oslo.
  • Bækken, Håvard. 2009. Selective Law Enforcement against Russian NGOs. Pursuing Informal Interest through Formal Means. Report, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Bækken, Håvard and Johannes Due Enstad. 2020. Identity under Siege: Selective Securitization of History in Putin’s Russia. Slavonic and East European Review .
  • Bækken, Håvard. 2019. The Return to Patriotic Education in Post-Soviet Russia: How, When, and Why the Russian Military Engaged in Civilian Nation Building. Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 5 (1): 123–158.
  • Bækken, Håvard. 2015. Påskudd og straff. Selektiv rettshåndhevelse i russisk politikk. Nordisk Østforum 29 (4): 341–361.
  • Bækken, Håvard. 2015. Selections before elections: Double standards in implementing election registration procedures in Russia? Communist and post-communist studies 48 (1): 61–70.

Non-refereed articles

  • Bækken, Håvard. 2020. Krise, tradisjonalisme og militarisme. Hvorfor Militærpatriotismen fikk gjennomslag i det post-sovjetiske Russland. IFS Insight (2).
  • Bækken, Håvard. 2017. Festning Russland. Paranoia og patriotisme i russisk identitetspolitikk. Vagant (1-2): 204–217.
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