Basit, Saira
DepartmentCentre for international security
PositionAssociate Professor [on leave as Vice Dean]
Phone+47 23 09 58 43

(b. 1981) Associate Professor at IFS [On leave as Vice Dean of the Norwegian Defence University College]. Research fellow at IFS since November 2007. Adviser, Asia in Norwegian security policy, Section for Security Policy and North America, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2010. Visiting scholar at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA) in New Delhi, November–December 2008. Masters Scholar at IFS, January–June 2007. Member of the Wikistrat community of experts since 2019. Member of editorial committee, Babylon (a journal on Middle Eastern issues, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages), 2008–2011.

PhD from the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo. Title of dissertation (2019): Transnational militancy and conflictual interstate orders in Asia: Cooperation in the midst of conflict in Iran-Pakistan, China-Pakistan and India-Myanmar relations. Master of Arts in Persian, Asian and African Studies, University of Oslo. International project term through the University of Oslo in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Tehran, August– December 2006. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oslo with major studies of interest in Persian and Middle Eastern Studies, minor in Swahili and Urdu. Supplemental studies in Arabic obtained from the University of Oslo and in Baluchi language and area studies from Uppsala University.

Fields of interest

  • The management of militancy in interstate relations
  • Violent non-state actors and foreign relations
  • Conflictual interstate orders
  • Iran, Pakistan, India and China's foreign and security policies
  • India's maritime strategy
  • Sea power in the Indian Ocean
  • Iran's oil and gas export policy


Parts of books/reports

  • Bajpai, Kanti, Saira Basit and V. Krishnappa. 2014. "Introduction: India's grand strategic thought and practice". In India’s Grand Strategy: History, Theory, Cases, edited by Saira Basit, Kanti Bajpai and Krishnappa Venkatshamy, 1–28. Routledge.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Basit, Saira. 2019. Explaining the impact of militancy on Iran–Pakistan relations. Small Wars & Insurgencies 29 .
  • Basit, Saira. 2018. India-Myanmar relations and the management of transnational militant threats. Journal of Strategic Security (JSS) 11 (2): 73–92.
  • Basit, Saira. 2018. Terrorizing the CPEC: managing transnational militancy in China–Pakistan relations. The Pacific Review : 1–32.
  • Basit, Saira, Stina Torjesen and Neil MacFarlane. 2018. China in Pakistan and the wider region: A cautiousbut effective leader? Contemporary South Asia 27 (1): 1–26.
  • Basit, Saira. 2009. Gassrørledningen Iran-Pakistan-India. Babylon - Nordisk tidsskrift for Midtøstenstudier 9 (1): 78–91.

Non-refereed articles

  • Tunsjø, Øystein and Saira Basit. 2012. Emerging naval powers in Asia: China’s and India’s quest for sea power. Oslo Files on Defence and Security .

Op-eds/comments/blog posts

  • Torjesen, Stina, Saira Basit and Neil MacFarlane. 2019. China to Afghanistan’s rescue with pressure on Afghanistan? South Asia @ LSE, 08 April.
  • Basit, Saira and Øystein Tunsjø. 2009. Bush var bra. I Asia. Morgenbladet, 13 February.
  • Basit, Saira. 2008. Terroren sett fra India. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.), 02 December.
  • Basit, Saira and Øystein Tunsjø. 2008. Østen ruster opp til sjøs. Dagbladet, 03 March.
  • Basit, Saira. 2007. Irans flørt med Østen. Dagsavisen, 02 December.
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