Hilde, Paal Sigurd
DepartmentCentre for Norwegian and European Security
PositionAssociate Professor
Phone+47 23 09 59 25

​​​​(b. 1970) M.Phil. Russian and East European Studies (1997) and D.Phil. Politics (2003) at University of Oxford (St. Antony's College). Senior adviser in the Department for Security Policy, Norwegian Ministry of Defence (2004–2008); Civilian secretary for the Norwegian Defence Policy Commission (2006–2007). Head of section for Norwegian security policy, later Centre for Norwegian and European Security at IFS (2008–2013). Head of secretariat for the Norwegian Commission on Afghanistan (20152016). Project lead R&D in group tasked with designing a new military education system in Norway (2017).

 Key fields of interest

  • Norwegian security and defence policy
  • NATO
  • the Arctic 
  • ​Nordic and international defence cooperation


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Parts of books/reports

  • Allers, Robin M. and Paal Sigurd Hilde. 2018. "Der Ostseeraum im Spannungsfeld geostrategischer Interessen". In Baltikum, edited by Bernd Lemke, 253–261. Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh.
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  • Gade, Jo Georg and Paal Sigurd Hilde. 2015. "Nordområdenes sikkerhetspolitiske betydning for NATO". In Norge og Russland. Sikkerhetspolitiske utfordringer i nordområdene, edited by Tormod Heier and Anders Olav Kjølberg, 96–109. Universitetsforlaget.
  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd. 2015. "Military Change in NATO: The CJTF concept - a case study of military innovation in a multinational environment". In Security, Strategy and Military change in the 21st Century: Cross-Regional Perspectives, edited by Jo Inge Bekkevold, Ian Bowers and Michael Raska, 221–240. Routledge.
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  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd, Markus Kaim, Ians Kerns and Lukasz Kulesa. 2015. "Managing divergences and redefining common interests with Russia: A European perspective". In Managing differences on European Security in 2015: US, Russian, and European Perspectives, edited by Isabelle Francois, 25–32. Washington, DC, USA: Atlantic Council.
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  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd. 2014. "Nordic-Baltic security and defence cooperation: the Norwegian perspective". In Northern Security and Global Politics. Nordic-Baltic strategic influence in a post-unipolar world, edited by Ann-Sofie Dahl and Pauli Järvenpää, 93–107. Routledge.
  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd and Helene Forsland Widerberg. 2014. "Norway and NATO: The Art of Balancing". In Common or Divided Security? German and Norwegian Perspectives on Euro-Atlantic Security, edited by Robin M. Allers, Carlo Masala and Rolf Tamnes, 199–215. Peter Lang Publishing Group.
  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd and Johannes Gullestad Rø. 2013. "USA, NATO og Norge: Vilkårene for transatlantisk sikkerhetssamarbeid". In Norge og det nye verdenskartet, edited by Åsmund Weltzien and Odd Mølster, 37–57. Cappelen Damm AS.
  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd. 2012. "NATO og Norge i Afghanistan: Et kynisk perspektiv?" In Exit Afghanistan, edited by Torbjørn Lindstrøm Knutsen and Gjert Lage Dyndal, 241–251. Universitetsforlaget.
  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd. 2011. "The Strategic Concept and NATO's Command Structure: Shifting Gears?" In NATO's new strategic concept: a comprehensive assessment, edited by Jens Ringsmose and Sten Rynning, 126–136. København: DIIS.
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Peer-reviewed articles

  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd. 1999. Slovak Nationalism and the Break-up of Czechoslovakia. Europe-Asia Studies 51 (4): 647–655.
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Non-refereed articles

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Op-eds/comments/blog posts

  • Hilde, Paal Sigurd, Kristine Offerdal and Harald Hermansen Eie. 2010. Dommedagsprofetier om Arktis. Dagbladet, 15 April.
  • Widerberg, Helene Forsland and Paal Sigurd Hilde. 2010. Nato-suksess for Norge. Dagsavisen, 01 December.
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