Lundesgaard, Amund
DepartmentCentre for international security
PositionAssociate Professor
Phone+47 23 09 59 10

(b. 1981) PhD in history from the University of Oslo spring 2017. Master in History from the University of Oslo spring 2009. 

Since 2009, Lundesgaard has been studying the U.S. Navy's strategic priorities after the Cold War, which was also the topic of his PhD. 

At the moment, Lundesgaard is working on issues related to the U.S. Navy's strategic priorities in the North Atlantic, as well as other projects related to his PhD.

Fields of interest

  • US military doctrine
  • US defence and security policy
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Navy
  • sea-power theory
  • counterinsurgency
  • military strategy and theory


  • Lundesgaard, Amund Nørstrud. 2016. Controlling the Sea and Projecting Power: U.S. Navy Strategy and Force Structure After the Cold War. Doctoral dissertation, 07 Oslo Media.
  • Lundesgaard, Amund Nørstrud. 2011. US Navy strategy and force structure after the Cold War. IFS Insight, no. 4. Institutt for forsvarsstudier.
  • Lundesgaard, Amund Nørstrud. 2010. Maritime Security 2030: A Strategic Overview. Report, Forsvarets forskningsintitutt.
  • Lundesgaard, Amund Nørstrud. 2009. From Warfighting to Counterinsurgency. Low-intensity Elements in Marine Corps Doctrine after the Cold War. Master’s thesis, Universitetet i Oslo.

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