Selvaag, Dagfinn Chr.
DepartmentCentre for security policy
PositionSenior Fellow
Phone+47 23 09 59 27

(b. 1964) PhD in International Law, University of Oslo (2016). Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (1990). Cand. philol in history, University of Oslo (1991). Research fellow at the Faculty of Law, Department of Public and International Law (1991­–1993).

Desk officer, Department of Security Policy at the Ministry of Defence (1993–1998), Norwegian Permanent Delegation to NATO (1998–2001), Deputy Director General, Department of Planning and Financial Governance at the Ministry of Defence (2001–2003), Deputy Director General, Department of Operations and Contingency Planning (2003–2008), Director, Internal Audit Office (2010), Director, Office of management, budgets and Result Analysis (2010–2018), Deputy Director General, Department of Financial Governance, Management and Investment (2018–2019), Acting Director General, Department of Financial Governance and Management (Feb. – jun. 2019).

Dagfinn Chr. Selvaag is currently a part of the research program Norwegian Security Policy in a Strategic Perspective.

Fields of interest

  • Norwegian foreign, security and defence policy
  • NATO
  • Contemporary history
  • International Law
  • Legal history
  • Defence planning
  • Government budgeting
  • Prerequisites for and implementation of Government policy
  • Financial governance and management in the public sector


  • Selvaag, Dagfinn Chr.: Master thesis (Cand. Philol) (1991): Norwegian Policy Towards Eastern Europe 1945–1950.
  • Selvaag, Dagfinn Chr.: Doctoral thesis (Dr. philos) (2015): Recognition of States and Governments in International Law – With Particular Reference to Norwegian State Practice.

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