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The US and Transatlantic relations

The current security landscape is rife with instability. This seminar will draw inspiration from Kenneth Waltz' book, Man, State, and War, published in 1959.

The current security landscape is rife with instability. 

Systemically, the global power distribution appears to be in flux. US global primacy is more in doubt than ever, China's assertiveness is potentially upsetting the stability in Asia, and Russia's revisionism threatens the prospects of enduring amity in Europe. 

Domestically, the United States struggles with political gridlock, party polarisation, staggering debt levels, a mounting inequality gap, and growing public discomfort with the idea of America as the backbone of the international liberal order – making arguments for international retrenchment even more persuasive. 

At the individual level, the dominant role of the president means that US security policy is in the hands of a capricious personality seemingly susceptible to idiosyncratic whims.

This seminar will consider how these three levels of instability affect transatlantic relations, drawing inspiration from the famous book by Kenneth Waltz, Man, State, and War, published in 1959. 

Date: Monday 9 October
Time: 12.30–15.00 (registration and light lunch 11.30–12.30)
Venue: Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Kongens gate 4

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  • 11.30–12.00  Registration
  • 12.00–12.30  Light lunch
  • 12.30–14.00  Part I – Talks 
    • 12.30–13.00
      Keynote speech: Barry Posen
    • 13.00–13.30
      System Level: Stephen Brooks
    • 13.30–13.45
      State Level: Michael Mayer
    • 13.45–14.00
      Individual Level: Anders Romarheim
  • 14.00–14.15  Refreshments
  • 14.15–15.00  Part II – Panel Discussion

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