en_189_cwoen_189_cwohttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedMedia/DispForm.aspx?ID=578Centre of Excellence – Cold Weather OperationsSurrounded by freezing temperatures and extreme weather, the Norwegian Armed Forces have experience and knowledge on how to survive and conduct military operations in cold weather. /media/PubImages/20180124tk_I4939.jpgSurrounded by freezing temperatures and extreme weather, the Norwegian Armed Forces have experience and knowledge on how to survive and conduct military operations in cold weather.

​The NATO Centre of Excellence for Cold Weather Operations acts as the main provider and coordinator of expertise and capabilities in the area of Cold Weather Operations in NATO.

We provide NATO and partner nations the necessary competence in order to operate under Arctic, sub-Arctic and Cold Weather conditions. This is done through utilising the full spectrum of competence in the Norwegian Armed Forces, coordinated with other nations' competence in cold weather environment.

Information on the Cold Weather Operations Conference scheduled for 3–5 November 2020:

In reference to the planned CWOC 2020 in Norway 3–5 November 2020, we have today, 1 July 2020, decided to postpone the conference due to the covid-19 situation. This is done to the uncertainty around the development of covid-19 and all nations' possible future restrictions around travel and visits to other countries.

The decision has been made in coordination with the Norwegian Health Authority and the chair of the COE CWO Steering Committee.

COE CWO will reschedule the event for 2021 and notifications and invitations will be distributed accordingly.

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en_189_cwoen_255_coldweatheroperation/en/cwo/cold-weather-operations-conference2020/media/PubImages/kaldkunnskap-toppbilde.jpgCold Weather Operations ConferenceThe Cold Weather Operations Conference, scheduled for 3–5 November 2020, has been postponed until 2021.en_189_cwohttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedPages/DispForm.aspx?ID=153

The centre is a Norwegian-sponsored organisation that provides NATO with a tool to enhance interoperability in the area of operating in a cold weather climate.

The centres of excellence (COE) are not in the C2 of the NATO Command structure, but HQ SACT's Transformation Network Branch is responsible for providing the Centre with the annual Request for Support on behalf of NATO.

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en_189_cwoen_191_educationtraining/en/cwo/education-training/media/PubImages/20170223FR_Alliert%20vinterkurs-1751_coecwo.jpgEducation and TrainingThrough our courses and seminars we offer specialised training and education for operating in cold weather.en_189_cwohttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedPages/DispForm.aspx?ID=143
en_189_cwoen_192_doctrines/en/cwo/doctrines/media/PubImages/lmh-cr2014-114_coecwo.jpgStandards and Doctrine developmentThe COE CWO provides an active support to respective NATO bodies in order to facilitate standardisation and achieve the required level of interoperability.en_189_cwohttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedPages/DispForm.aspx?ID=145
en_189_cwoen_193_cdande/en/cwo/cd-and-e/media/PubImages/_ABR7477_coecwo.jpgConcept development and Experimentation Here you will find documents based on reseach carried out by US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.en_189_cwohttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedPages/DispForm.aspx?ID=144
en_189_cwoen_195_lessionslearned/en/cwo/lessions-learned/media/PubImages/tkvinR1661_coecwo.jpgLesson learned and Analysis Through our training and testing we get valuable knowledge and experience. And we share this with our partners.en_189_cwohttp://forsvaret.no/en/Lists/RelatedPages/DispForm.aspx?ID=146