Maritime kapasiteterMaritime kapasiteter logistikkorganisasjon Divisjon for Maritime kapasiteter er en teknologisk kompetetanseorganisasjon for Forsvarets fartøyer, og leverer sjømilitær kampkraft.A submarine on a mission in Norwegian waters.
4.-I-tåken4.-I-tåkenåken.jpg Svalbard seiler gjennom tåken under en patruljering i nordområdene. Foto: Håkon Kjøllmoen, SjøforsvaretThe Coast Guard vessel "Svalbard" on a mission in Norway's Arctic waters. Photo: Håkon Kjøllmoen
Operatører fra MJK trener i Middelhavet på vei til Det indiske hav og anti-pirat operasjonen Ocean Shield.Operatører fra MJK trener i Middelhavet på vei til Det indiske hav og anti-pirat operasjonen Ocean Shield. Fridtjof Nansen.jpg

The Navy

The sea has always been fundamental for Norway – and for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Royal Norwegian Navy produces naval forces and provides maritime capabilities for operational deployment in peacetime, crisis and war – both nationally and internationally.​

The Navy is led by the Chief of the Navy, supported by the Naval Staff. The Navy is divided into: the Fleet, the Coast Guard, the naval schools and the naval bases. The current Chief of the Navy is Rear A​​dmiral Nils Andreas Stensønes.

Frigates and corvettes​

The Norwegian fleet is responsible for manning, training and maintenance of the Navy's units and their associated operational support units. Main naval units include the frigates of the Fridtjof Nansen-class, the submarines of the Ula-class, the corvettes of the Skjold-class and finally, the MCMVs of the Oksøy-class and the Alta-class. All units are homeported at Haakonsvern naval base in Bergen, Western Norway.

Coast Guard​

The Norwegian Coast Guard is organised within the Navy to ensure education, manning and maintenance. The Coast Guard operates 15 vessels of various types, sizes and capabilities. All the vessels are homeported at the Norwegian Coast Guard Base in Sortland, Northern Norway. They are operated through a dual-crew concept, resulting in an operational pattern with more than 300 sea days for each vessel a year.

The naval schools are responsible for recruitment and education of naval personnel of all categories. Main units are the Naval Academy, the naval recruit depot at HNoMS Harald Haarfagre and the main naval training centre, HNoMS Tordenskjold.

Naval b​ases

The Navy has two naval bases which function as operational and logistical hubs. The main base is Haakonsvern Orlogsstasjon, located 15 kilometres (10 miles) outside the centre of Bergen. Haakonsvern is a "full pitstop" facility containing all necessary resources to​ supp​ort the Navy in its day-to-day operations. The other base is located in Ramsund, Northern Norway. This facility has a more limited capability, but still serves as an important logistical facility in the High North – an area of great importance to Norway.​

The Navy has more than 4,000 officers, non-commissioned officers and ratings. Naval vessels and units are state-of-art and the knowhow among the personnel is substantial, ensuring that Norway has a capable and ready naval capability at hand.

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